The Company

Strehle & Partner Engineers GbR was founded in Dresden in 1991. Volker Strehle together with his partner Norbert Gerlach performed electrical design services primarily in the field of water supply and sanitation in the greater Dresden metropolitan area.

The number of employees has grown continuously. As a partner of the Bautzen University of Cooperative Education as well as a provider of work placements in engineering education at the Dresden University of Technology and the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW), we have been able to place our attention on the education of engineers. Our firm has developed into a leading, internationally active engineering company with a widely diversified range of tasks.

In 2012 the company was renamed SPI Dresden GmbH.

Today we are a firm with an average of 10 employees. We are responsible for projects ranging from smaller renovations to major projects such as the managing the tunnel project on the Autobahn BAB 17 or the water supply system for the city of Puebla in Mexico.

We develop customized solutions in the area of electro‐technical equipment within the fields of building and civil engineering. We are concerned primarily with planning and construction supervision, which includes the municipal, industrial and traffic engineering areas.

Our clients include among others the public sector, water and wastewater utilities, traffic and highway departments as well as industrial and commercial companies, hospitals.

SPI Dresden GmbH now belongs to a group of leading engineering companies in Saxony operating in the following fields: electro‐technology, instrumentation control, regulation and automation technology in modern construction, water and wastewater treatment as well as the environmental sector.


Saxony ‐ one of the most dynamic federal states in Germany!

As a research and development partner SPI designs new engineering techniques and technologies, finds individual solutions and uses appropriate resources efficiently. SPI is setting new impulses in the area of plant layout technology and works actively to find solutions for current environment problems. Furthermore, SPI does continuous research regarding optimization in order to respond to present tendencies and developments.

One of our first research projects was the development of a strategy for optimizing the oxygen transfer in municipal sewage treatment plants. The main focus during the project was the minimization of the energy demand as well as guaranteeing of process stability.

By expanding our planning services to include to the fields of road and transport projects, further research fields have opened up for SPI.

The current emphasis is of our work is on the development of thermo graphic investigations and of monitoring systems for early detection of fire‐prone vehicles on highways. At the entrance to the Rennsteigtunnel on the Thuringian Forest Highway (Highway 71) a German‐Israeli joint project was tested for a period of several years beginning in the autumn of 2010. These tests provided us with the first practical experiences with this system.

Based on the completed research project known as RETISS "Real Time Security Management System for Infrastructures on Israel‐German Roads“, work now continues on the joint project known as ESIMAS which is part of the 3rd traffic research program supported by the German Federal Government. Our firm is currently working on the sub‐project known as “Real Time Management Systems for Tunnels.